Alcatraz Tours

Alcatraz Ticket Facts

Alcatraz City Cruises is the official concessionaire of the National Park Service providing ferry service to and from Alcatraz Island. 

Also known as Alcatraz Cruises for short, to get on Alcatraz Island, you need their tour ticket.

Ideally you can get it from Alcatraz City Cruises directly and not pay any premium.

However, Alcatraz tours regularly sell out – often weeks in advance. The demand is typically way higher than the supply. 

DiscoverTown Tours is an authorized third party reseller. We work with Alcatraz Cruises in their Official Tour and Travel Partner program.

– Check the Alcatraz Cruises website for availability.

– If they don’t have what you need, come back to and we just may have it!

The Alcatraz Day Tours and Night Tours we sell are for the round trip ferry plus the 11-language Cell House Audio Tour. 

We are a way to get tickets that are otherwise sold out.

– We buy a restricted number of tickets in advance from Alcatraz Cruises for resale.

– If we have tickets in inventory, these are guaranteed.

– If we don’t have tickets for the dates or quantity you seek, either your desired dates won't show, or an unavailable message will appear for excess quantities.

We operate under the rules of the National Park Service and Alcatraz Cruises – making us required to resell Alcatraz as part of a combination tour package.

Many of our guests find that the second part of the combination is a very pleasant surprise. Perhaps you too will think "Wow, we discovered so many great things about San-Francisco because of the Big Bus Tour!" 

Our packages beat expectations and make for happy customers.