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Our Alcatraz Tour packages always include guaranteed official Alcatraz City Cruises round trip ferry ticket from Pier 33, Alcatraz Landing, San Francisco – to go on the island and inside the infamous prison – with the award winning cell house audio tour.

Remember, Alcatraz City Cruises (formerly Alcatraz Cruises) is the Official Concessionaire and the only transportation provider for trips to Alcatraz Island. To get on the Island, you must have an Alcatraz City Cruises ticket. DiscoverTown Tours is an Authorized Reseller of Alcatraz City Cruises.

Once on the island, a National Park Service Ranger Orientation and other options are included. Return departures for the Night Tour are roughly 3 hours after your start. Check out the history video produced by Discovery Channel in the old civil war era buildings close to the dock. Peruse the two bookstores, walk the perimeter trail, or discover the story of the American Indian occupation. You can even go out in the prison recreation yard and put yourself back in time, imagining gangsters and criminals in the damp wet fog. And be sure to soak up the San Francisco Bay views – like the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco Skyline, Angel Island, and more.

DiscoverTown Tours resells the Alcatraz Night Tour Ticket in combination with other tours. Simply choose from the above options to make a tour package. From inside each package page, you’ll be able to choose your Alcatraz departure date. Other tours can be done on different days – before or after Alcatraz – or on the same day as your Alcatraz tour if time permits. But do not miss your departure to Alcatraz!