Alcatraz Night Tour + Wharf Walk

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Alcatraz Night Tour + Walking Tour of Fisherman's Wharf





  • Alcatraz - Plan for 3 hours 
  • Walking Tour ~1 hour 
    • Early morning tour @ 9:30 am
    • If you miss the Walking Tour, you can still go to Alcatraz
    • Walk finishes at Pier 39, not far from Pier 33, Alcatraz Landing, where the Alcatraz ferries depart


No Hotel Pickup.

No reservations needed for Walking Tour on the day of your Alcatraz, but you must be on time. 

Alcatraz tickets are distributed 

  • at our location at the beginning of the Walking Tour, or
  • from our location, after the Walking Tour, or
  • sometimes delivered to accessible spots at the Wharf area.

If you are going to be late, need to pick up tickets fast, or want to take the Walking Tour on another day, you must call us to coordinate. 

See details on tabs.

The email voucher you will receive has detailed instructions.


Alcatraz Night Tour Face Value = $56.30 Adults, $55.10 Juniors (12-17), $52.25 Seniors (62+), $33.00 Kids (5-11), Free (0-4).

This fun fact-filled tour starts where SF's Italian-American fishing history, DiMaggio’s Restaurant, and some iconic street performers have all come and gone. From there we go out to the backside of the Wharf to get some nice cityscape and old boat views, while learning about Scoma's - the renowned old-school Italian restaurant that's always in style.

We double back past our starting point and stop by the iconic ship's wheel sign marking the heart of the area along with the steamed crab vendors and more classic Italian seafood restaurants.

At the Musee Mecanique, we'll discover a spot with "one of the world's largest privately-owned collections of coin-operated mechanical musical instruments and antique arcade artifacts." We stop long enough for you to play a game or two, so that you'll want to come back later!

We'll make another slight detour to scope out the historic Pampanito WWII submarine.

Then we take a zig zag to let you see and smell the original and world-famous San Francisco sourdough. If you want to pick up a loaf, we'll ask that you only do so if the store is not too crowded (which it often is). Or simply plan on coming back!

We'll pass the Historical Pier 43 Ferry Arch.

At the outer edge of Pier 39, we make another multi-sensory detour -- to see, hear, and smell! the California sea lions.

As "the premiere entertainment destination" at the Wharf, Pier 39 has all kinds of restaurants, shops, and family attractions - including a carousel, street performer shows, a mirror maze and a lot more... 

The tour ends at Pier 39. It's another 5 minutes down the way to Pier 33, Alcatraz Landing for your Alcatraz departure. For Night Tour packages, you will typically have time to eat or sightsee more, before you to take the ferry out to Alcatraz.


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Alcatraz Night Tour Face Value = $56.30 Adults, $55.10 Juniors (12-17), $52.25 Seniors (62+), $33.00 Kids (5-11), Free (0-4).

Please arrive 30 minutes early. No Hotel Pickup.Your tour begins with a 10-15 minute boat trip from Pier 33. 

All adults 18+ years old are required to present a government-issued photo ID to pick up tickets.

The Night Tour Expands the Alcatraz Experience:

  • This 3 hour round trip puts you inside America’s most infamous prison.
  • A guided ferry trip circles the island before docking. From the boat you’ll see hidden spots used for attempted escapes, and prison structures unreachable by foot.
  • Once on the island, the limited ticketing makes this less crowded than the standard day tour.
  • For guests unable to make the climb, a tram is available, although it would miss the docent tour.
  • Your visit will be less crowded than tours at midday, and you’ll be led up the hill to the cellhouse itself, hosted by an experienced docent. You will stop along the way to discover the island’s lesser-known history, from before the U.S. Civil War to family life of the prison staff.
  • You will go through the cellhouse at your own pace. The award-winning audio headset tour is included – available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.
  • You’ll see solitary confinement cells, and hear dramatic stories from actual prisoners and correctional officers who lived or worked on Alcatraz.
  • Displays include prison life, guard controls, and how Frank Morris and 2 others made their infamous “Escape From Alcatraz.”
  • You'll want to stop at the bookstore and walk through the recreation yard.
  • Special park programs and a history video produced by the Discovery Channel are available during the evening.
  • There is a permanent exhibit – The Big Lockup: Mass Incarceration in the United States – as well as other rotating exhibits.
  • Fantastic sunset and twilight views come with the tour... You will take in the San Francisco skyline, the Golden Gate Bridge, and panoramas of the San Francisco Bay.