Amount Per Person
Adult (18 - 61)
Senior (62+)
Junior (12 - 17)
Kid (5 - 11)

We start where SF's Italian-American fishing history, DiMaggio’s Restaurant, and some iconic street performers have all come and gone.

We take a small detour out to get some nice cityscape and back-of-the-wharf views, while learning about Scoma's - renowned old-school Italian restaurant that's always in style.

We double back past our starting point and stop by the iconic ship's wheel sign marking the heart of the area along with the steamed crab vendors and more classic Italian seafood restaurants.

At the Musee Mecanique, we'll discover a spot with "one of the world's largest privately-owned collections of coin-operated mechanical musical instruments and antique arcade artifacts." We stop long enough for you to play a game or two, so that you'll want to come back later!

We'll make another slight detour to scope out the historic Pampanito WWII submarine.

Then we take a zig zag to let you see and smell the original and world-famous San Francisco sourdough. If you want to pick up a loaf, we'll ask that you only do so if the store is not too crowded (which it often is). Or simply plan on coming back!

We'll pass the Historical Pier 43 Ferry Arch.

At the outer edge of Pier 39, we make another multi-sensory detour -- to see, hear, and smell! the California sea lions.

As "the premiere entertainment destination" at the Wharf, Pier 39 has all kinds of restaurants, shops, and family attractions - including a carousel, street performer shows, a mirror maze and a lot more... 

The tour ends here -- unless you are going to Alcatraz as part of a tour package. For such guests, the tour ends another 5 minutes down the way -- at Pier 33. On time and in the right place for you to take the ferry out to Alcatraz.